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Grasmick's Directory: NAFTA- Enabled Immigration Ports of Entry---Information Page

Grasmick's Directory: NAFTA-Enabled Immigration Ports of Entry

The Directory is temporarily unavailable for purchase. (The vendor went out of business with no advance notice.) Register below to receive notification when an alternate vendor is in place. I apologize for the inconvenience. The Directory is included in the TN Handbook 2nd Edition at no additional charge.

The book is available at no charge to TN Handbook owners.
  • 235 land, air, PFI ports
  • Contacts, local procedures, best hours, photos, poll results
  • 102 pages, 20 color photographs, in e-book PDF format
This is an annotated directory of INS ports of entry, with a NAFTA emphasis. The Directory includes 235 land, air and pre-flight inspection border stations. It lists inspection facilities at southern, northern and Canadian airport locations. Information for selected ports includes contacts, local procedures, best hours, remarks, and user satisfaction poll results. You will have 102 PDF pages of text, graphs and 26 photographs. This ebook-only directory is for immigration attorneys, recruiters and other HR professionals. It is also for Canadians using a NAFTA work permit and requiring accessible port contact information. The information in this book is hard to find--especially when facing a deadline.

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