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Computer Horizons

The U.S. Job Page for Canadians

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This is a joint Web page of my office and Computer Horizons Corp. My law firm assists Canadian and U.S. businesses with U.S. immigration work permits for Canadians. Computer Horizons is an international consulting firm.

Computer Horizons Corp. is the author of this page.

I am not an employment agency or recruitment company and cannot respond to your inquiries about these positions. Make contact with Computer Horizons' Canadian Recruiting Center for U.S. Opportunities (CRC) via the links provided.

This is a service for readers. I have no financial interest in the outcome of this news, take no responsibility for the outcome, nor have any immigration legal agreement with the employer or agents concerning these positions.

Attention Clients:

Past and present clients may contact me to post an employment opportunity on this page.


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About the CRC's U.S. Opportunities

Computer Horizons Corp. is a U.S. based, diversified information technology services provider, servicing Fortune 100 clients across a broad range of industries.

Our Toronto-based Canadian Recruiting Center for U.S. Opportunities specializes in matching the skills of Canadians interested in saying 'YES to the U.S.' with HUNDREDS of U.S. job opportunities.

Networked with Computer Horizons' over 50 U.S. district offices, we have access to IT job opportunities across the U.S. and in every industry sector. We are a team of specialized Information Technology recruiters who have expertise in Canadian/U.S. immigration and taxes. We can assist with all the details of your search and relocation to make your placement with Computer Horizons a seamless process.

A placement with Computer Horizons includes benefits* and training. Your only concern will be your new career opportunities!

*not available to hourly employees

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Why work in the U.S?

Saying 'YES to the U.S.' leads to:

  • better job opportunities
  • high profile assignments
  • consulting experience with an international consulting company
  • opportunity to increase skill level
  • U.S. dollars

Through NAFTA, Canadians enjoy special immigration status in the U.S. This allows Canadians access to better career opportunities and U.S. salaries south of the border.

Due to the number of openings available with Computer Horizons across the United States, our job descriptions are brief. Please send your resume (see How To Reach Us) to for more details about the opportunities that interest you.

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How to reach us

E-mail: resumesUSA@isgjobs.com

Fax: (905) 602-7685

Mail:   Attn: ResumesUSA
Canadian Recruiting Center for U.S. Opportunities (CRC)
5045 Orbitor Drive
Building 7, Suite 200
Mississauga, Ontario
L4W 4Y4

Phone: (905) 602-6085 x283

For more information about Computer Horizons' Canadian Recruiting Center click here.

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Current U.S. Job Listing

Position Title




Rate U.S. $

Programmer Analyst JAM/JYACC Boston 6 months MR
Programmer Analyst C, C++, WinNT Cedar Rapids 6 months $50-75/h
Systems Programmers CICS, EXITS, MVS, OS/390 Chattanooga 6 months Open
Web Development ASP, HTML, Systems Integration's Chattanooga 6 months Open
Programmer Analyst Java, C++, Oracle Chattanooga 6 months Open
Network Engineer ATM, Ethernet, Frame Relay, Internet, LAN, Netview, SNA, Sniffer, TCP-IP, Token Ring Chicago 6 months Open
Programmer Analyst C++, Java Denver 6 months Open
Client Server tester Unix, Win3.x, Winrunner Denver 6 months Open
ABAP Coders SD knowledge, IS Oil Houston 6 months Open
SAS Systems Analyst MVS, SAS, TSO, Macros Indianapolis 18 months Open
SAS Systems Analyst Oracle, PL/SQL, SAS, SQL, SAS QC, SAS Intranet Indianapolis 18 months Open
Programmer Analyst HP9000, HP-UX, MFC, Oracle, Unix Memphis 12 months $45-55/h
Developer Lotus Notes admin. Memphis 6 months Open
Programmer Analyst Java, JDBC, SQL, Sybase Memphis 3 months $47.00/hr
Technical Writer HTML Minneapolis 6 months $45-50/h
Developer AIX, Unix Minneapolis 6 months Open
Programmer Analyst Cobol, DB2, Visual basic Minneapolis 6 months Open
Project Leader   New Jersey 36 months $500/day
Database Administrator Java, Oracle, Unix, VB and Trilogy are a plus New Jersey 36 months $500/day
Developer Java, Oracle, Unix, VB, Trilogy New Jersey 36 months Open
Programmer Analyst CICS, Cobol/2, CSP, DB2, Easytrieve, Expeditor, JCL, Oracle, SAS, SQL, TCP-IP, VB, VSAM Orlando 12 months Open
Programmer Analyst C++, HP_UX, Motif, Oracle, SQL Phoenix 6 months $45-50/h
Programmer Analyst Access, Powerbuilder Phoenix 3 months Open
Sr. E-Commerce Manufacturing, Peoplesoft, Blue Martini, Red Pepper San Francisco 12 months Open
Programmer Analyst Norton 2000 implementations Seattle 6 months Open
Database Administrator Oracle, C++, Crystal Reports, Des2000, Erwin Java, PL/SQL, Pro*C, Unix, VB, WinNT Seattle 6 months $90,000
Quality Assurance ASP, Active X, C++, Java, Java Script, VB, VB Script Seattle 6 months Open
Programmer Analyst SQL, Unix, Oracle, C, C++ St. Louis 6 months $50-60/h
Winrunner Tester Winrunner ColoradoSpgs 6 months Open
Programmer Analyst ATM, Frame Relay Wash. DC 3 months $54.00/hr
Technical Writer Windows NT, Framemaker Memphis 6 months $35.33/hr
Programmer Analyst Progress, SQL, Unix Memphis 6 months $45-55/h
Programmer Analyst HP-UX, Oracle, SQL, Sybase, Unix Memphis 6 months $45-55/h
Developer Basic, Visual Basic Memphis 6 months $47.25/hr
Systems Analyst Win3.x, Primavera Memphis 6 months $60.00/hr
Database Director DB2, Oracle, SQL Nashville Perm $105K
Database Administrator Oracle, Shell Scripting Orlando 12 mos+ $50.00/hr
Applications Developer Microfocus Cobol, Visual C++ Orlando 12 mos+ $45.00/hr
Database Administrator SQL Server Seattle 6 months Open
Programmer Analyst Cobol, Cobol2, Endeavor, Focus Wash. DC 6 months Open
Programmer Analyst C++, HTML, Java, Perl, Unix Wash. DC 3 months $106/hr
Database Administrator Oracle Wash. DC 6 months Open
Last updated August 10, 1999.
RTH: Right to Hire

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